Sunday, August 7, 2011

You just gotta see this 1 minute clip!

8 months later...  (since that first dance clip I posted) - Josie took this yesterday at BYU, with her phone...

ENJOY!!   : )

BACKGROUND:  Last fall Mr. Amazing Boy surprised us by choosing to casually dive in to an already up and running after-school dance program - that his buddies had already been doing for a couple of years. (Run by parents of his good friend)... Then we were even more surprised by how quickly he kept improving at it, and how matter-of-fact he's been about it all...  To him it's just 'what you do' for fun at his school - 'no big whoop'.  For all of June & July, M-Th 9-11 AM, he went to his school, talked airplanes and weapons w/ his 'home boys', while also practicing their dance moves, as well as remembering to escort their ever changing partners on and off the dance floor...  Then yesterday they competed at BYU.  For each event (or type of dance) there were probably 40-50 couples (from all over the state) on the floor to begin with - from which the judges picked 12 to dance again, then chose the best of them to award with ribbons.  
He and Tina won 6th place in the Cha-Cha!! 


Sue said...

he's got the moves! awesome:)

Sandy said...

Way to go, Ashton! Woo Hoo!